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The 17 Year Old That's Taking Over NRX NEXT

Megennis Face Pace Unrewarded

Megennis and #YellowSquad Embark on Nitro RX Europe Campaign

Megennis Delivers Impressive Performance

The RX Youngster Picking Up Where He Left Off

Megennis Embarks on Rallycross Pilgrimage with #Yellowsquad

#YellowSquad Ends Nitro Campaign with Fifth Podium for Megennis

Megennis Scores Nitro Medal with Incredible Comeback Drive

The NRX Next Championship Run-In

Megennis Takes Two Phoenix Podiums

What Nitro RX's Rising Star Makes of Arizona's Wild Track

Megennis Stars in Nitro RX Minneapolis

The Rollercoaster Weekend

Megennis Wins on Debut Nitro RX Weekend

Inside the Nitro Debut

Megennis Sets Sights on Nitro Rallycross

#YellowSquad Enters Nitro Feeder Series

Megennis Stuns Rallycross Elite

The 16-Year-Old Destined to Become

George Megennis Joins #YellowSquad

Megennis the Latest #YellowSquad Recruit

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